Taiwan Presses Through COVID-19 Without a Full Set of Tools and Global Privileges

Containers carrying 1.24 million vaccine doses being loaded onto a plane headed to Taiwan (Sadayuki Goto/Kyodo News via AP)

COVID-19 Fatality Rate is Misunderstood by Decision Makers

A digital illustration of the coronavirus by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

‘The politicization of data’ is the practice of manipulating data for political gain.

Bad data takes lead decision makers — nations and corporations, consultants, even professors in non-medical…

Trump’s Rise, Explained by a Former Campaign Advisor

In 2016, Donald Trump announced his entry into the presidential race at Trump Tower. Source: NBC

Since 40+ years of economic statistics and elected representatives couldn’t “Make America Great Again,” Trump’s pitch in 2016 and 2020 was that he’s America’s best bet.


I was a congressional campaign advisor, speech writer, and consultant to Democrats and Republicans before turning my career trajectory away from communications. In 2016, I moved to Taiwan. I was surprised to discover local and European support for Trump.

  • In Part II and III, we’ll discuss how Trump lost. Character, domestic…

The New Nigerian Prince Scam, and How to Avoid Online Scams

The scammer made contact through LinkedIn

Videoconferencing is how we get to see each other now that remote work is not a benefit anymore. Source: Silicon Valley, HBO

You don’t have to be loud, you just need to be heard

Use a wired headset

Something with a microphone in the cable. They’re called “lav mics,”…

1. Expressing forgiveness or acceptance

In your personal life, cha bu duo can help you be kinder towards situations you don’t understand, and more tolerant. Not everything has to be a big deal. Short a few renminbi or New Taiwan dollars…

Courtesy: Flickr

roll the hard six

Philip Chang

researching covid-19 business response and growing high-tech ecosystems at national taiwan university // philipchang.org

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